Building a Web application with Python

for those with basic programming knowledge
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These days Python is becoming the most popular programming language across multiple domains - from web-applications and general-purpose scripting to machines learning and big data applications. Whenever you want to present the results of your brilliant work to the world - the chances are very high that you will turn to the Web.

Flask makes the presentation bit easy. It provides simplicity, flexibility and fine-grained control over how you want your application look and work on Web. For you it means the ability to show your idea to the world and get invaluable feedback in no time at all. The same day you came up with the idea. That is a super power.

Class Topic You will
1 How Web-apps work & Hello World! Learn what a Web-framework and how it works. Write and launch your first Web-app
2 Templates & Show it to the world (a.k.a. Deploy!) Design your first page and show it to the world
3 Web-Forms Create a web-form and use it to send data to your web-app
4 Databases Retrieve data from a database to show to users and store users input into a database. All via your web app
5 User logins Allow separate user account for your app
6 Refactoring Look at what you built so far, give it a second thought and make it better a.k.a. Refactor
7 JavaScript Magic Add some fancy interactivity to your pages
8 Wrap-up, Deploy & Present Apply some final touches, make sure that everything works, present your app to your group and the world