Structured Query Language (SQL) and Relational Databases

Next Start Date: 31 July, 2018
Address: SPACE SHACK Coworking | Akazienstraße 3A | 10823 Berlin | Germany
for (comlete) beginners
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Data makes the today's world go round. Databases make data storage, retrieval, usage, and analysis possible. Thus, learning how to deal with the relational databases, which have been the leader in the field since the inception of computerized data storage idea makes all the sense.

After this course, your relational databases understanding and querying skills will be above average. Roughly speaking. Maybe after the course, you will fall in love with the idea of dealing with data and will proceed to move in this direction. Maybe you won't and it would be another valuable addition to your skillset.

Class Topic You will
1 Why databases? Relational databases basics. Entity Relationship Diagrams. Create and Populate a Database using SQL.
2 Query Primer. SQL query blocks. Make sense of a query structure. Execute your first SQL queries.
3 Filtering Data Retrieve and filter the data you need.
4 Querying Multiple Tables Write and execute SQL queries that retrieve data from multiple tables.
5 Grouping and ordering records Learn to write aggregation functions to produce some sort of total from a number of records
6 Analytical Functions Learn to write analytical functions to perform operations across a set of table rows that are somehow related to the current row
7 Designing a Database Design your own database. Yay!
8 Applying acquired knowledge to your database Analyze and present on data from the database you built.