Introduction to Programming with Python

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for (comlete) beginners
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There are many great programming languages in the world. Some of them are high-level, and some of them are low-level. Some of them are functional, and some of them are object-oriented. Some of them are dynamically compiled, and some of them are statically compiled.

All of the above is irrelevant.


Because if you are starting with coding or planning to work in the sphere of Data and Machine Learning there is only one language you need to learn. Python. It is excellent for beginners. It does not have any unnecessary complexity you encounter in other programming languages. It has the highest popularity growth these days. Python has become a go-to language for data analysis and transformations. It is number one in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You can do ANYTHING with it. Just do it.

Class Topic You will
1 How Python Runs Programs & How You Run Programs Learn how to launch code, and how Python runs it
2 Introducing Python Object Types In Python you do things with stuff - this week we will focus on stuff
3 If-Then statements & While and For loops Learn the main statement used for selecting from alternative actions based on test results & statements that repeat an action over and over
4 Tuples, Files, and Everything Else Explore the tuple - a collection of other objects that cannot be changed, and the file, an interface to external files on your computer.
5 Lists and Dictionaries Learn to use collections of other objects - the main workhorses in almost all Python scripts
6 Function Basics Design collections of statements so they can be run more than once in a program and call them names
7 Class Coding Basics Acquint yourself with basics of Object Oriented Programming - one of the most important principles in Software Development field
8 Build something! Remember, in Python you do things with stuff? Do it!