Jump Start Git

for (comlete) beginners
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I wish we could skip learning git. I truly do. But version control is green vegetables of your diet. If you want to be in the game and be good at it you have to use it. Good news are - you get to like it very soon.

When your project grows beyond a couple of scripts in complexity - git is your friend. When you want to show off your code to someone - git is your friend. When you want to collaborate on a project with other people - git is your friend.

The truth is - everyone uses it, some people do it sloppier than others though. During this course you will get over git painlessly and will enjoy using it while collaborating with your course-mates.

Class Topic You will
1 Introduction to Version Control Systems and Getting Started with Git Learn what a version control system does and get your feet wet with Git.
2 Branching in Git Learn what branches are and how to manage them in Git; creating, modify, delete and merge branches.
3 Using Git in a Team Learn to work with remote repository, keep a local repository updated, send the changes from a local repository to a remote
4 Correcting Errors While Working With Git Git shines the most when things go wrong - you will learn how to fix things